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Puppies Available!


                      Welcome to Our Radiant Litter!

We are delighted to introduce our latest litter of standard golden doodles, each named after beautiful shades of orange and copper, reflecting their warm, rich coats. These charming puppies, bursting with personality and affection, are ready to bring joy and love into their forever homes. Meet Topaz, Amber, Butternut, Tigerlilly, Peaches, Papaya, Pumpkin, and Marigold – a vibrant collection of furry companions as unique and delightful as their names.

Amber: The Warm Embrace 🍂


• Introducing Amber, a charming girl whose warmth and golden glow will light up your life. Amber's gentle and loving nature makes her the ideal companion for cozy cuddles and joyful moments. She’s a true treasure, ready to find her forever home.

Amber 1.HEIC
Amber 4.HEIC
Amber 5.HEIC

Tigerlilly: The Spirited Blossom 🌺


• Meet Tigerlilly, a vibrant and lively girl with a zest for life. Her playful energy and adventurous spirit will bring joy and excitement to any home. Tigerlilly is a blossoming bundle of joy, ready to fill your days with love and laughter.

Tiger Lilly 4.HEIC
Tiger Lilly 5.HEIC
Tiger Lilly 1.HEIC

Papaya: The Tropical Treasure 🌴


• Say hello to Papaya, our exotic and affectionate girl. Her playful nature and boundless energy will bring a touch of tropical joy to your life. Papaya ready to be your loyal and loving companion, bringing sunshine to every day.

Papaya 1.HEIC
Papaya 3.HEIC
Papaya 2.HEIC

Butternut: The Sweet Snuggle Bug 🎃


• Say hello to Butternut, our sweet and cuddly girl who melts hearts with her affectionate demeanor. With a calm and gentle personality, Butternut is perfect for those seeking a loving companion to share life’s sweetest moments.

Butternut 2.HEIC
Butternut 4.HEIC
Butternut 1.HEIC

PEACHES  - Reserved


Topaz -  Reserved


PUMPKIN-  Reserved


MARIGOLD  - Reseved

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