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How We Got Started

Our passion for these dogs began in 2019 when  we brought Spot, or first Goldendoodle, into our family.  We call her our OG (original dog- the one who started it all!) She is a beautiful Standard black F1 Goldendoodle and is the most awesome dog!

So, a year later, we brought home her baby sister, BB.  


We are a guardian family for BB, raising her in our home and whelping her puppies for the breeder who owns her breeding rights.  Originally we did not plan to operate our own breeding business but, whelping and raising BB's puppies brought out the passion in us to breed and raise these awesome dogs ourselves so we can pass on the joy of pairing awesome puppies to awesome families who will love them.  

Along with  training and support from a senior breeder (BB's breeding 'owner') and after acquiring a lot of information about health, genetics and the breeding process, we are ready to begin our own breeding program.


We have added our two beautiful Standard Poodles  to our family and are looking forward to  breeding them and raising their puppies to pair with loving homes this next year.  

We  match our girls with quality studs to produce F1 or F1B Standard Goldendoodles

Our puppies come with  micro-chip,  lifetime support and take back policy and a 2 year health gurantee for genetic or congenital diseases. 

Our Guardian Mamma, BB and her Babies.
Litter produced by others.   Lovingly whelped and raised in our home 
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