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Our Studs

We are a small household breeder and choose not to keep our own studs so we can keep our dogs as household pets.  We choose health tested, quality and proven studs for our breeding program.    


Theodore is a handsome 70 lb. AKC Registered  Golden Retriever from Rocklin Goldens. He lives with his Family in Rocklin CA.  He is genetically cleared of health defects and has sired several beautiful healthy litters.  We have chosen him as our stud for Shelby. Together, they  produce Medium Red to Dark  Red Standard Golden Doodles.  

Oliver Jay

Olive Jay is an F1B golden doodle with excellent Structure and Temperament.  He is 35 lbs; OFA Hips, Elbow, Patella, Cardiac, Thyroid and Eyes tested.   He lives in Georgia.  


We have chosen him as our Stud for Poppy.  Together they  produce many colors in their pups.  

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