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Puppies Available!

        Welcome to a garden of Joy!

Meet our enchanting litter of California wildflower-inspired puppies, blossoming with unique charm and

vibrant personalities.  Born to their radiant mother, Poppy, and charming father, Oliver-Jay, these precious

pups embody the spirit of the diverse and  colorful flora of California.

9 Beautiful  Golden Doodles   arrived on January 18, 2024.  5 Girls, 4Boys


Puppies are $1500.00.  Includes: 

  • Lifetime take back policy

  • Vet check and health cert.

  • Age Appropriate Vaccinations

  • Two year health guarantee from congenital diseases

  • One month pet insurance

  •  Up to 14 days overnight boarding and 10 day care days until 6 Months old                            of  Free Boarding Plus lifetime discount (at my cozy in-home pet care  -

  • Micro chipped

  • Puppy Goodie bag

IRIS  - The Delicate Bloom

Meet Iris, our petite and graceful girl with soft curls reminiscent of delicate petals. Her playful and affectionate nature is bound to enchant you.  Iris is a dainty flower ready to bloom in your heart. 

MALLOW - The Curly Companion

Introducing Mallow, a curly-coated charmer who thrives on attention.  This attentive boy has a keen focus on his person, making him the perfect companion for those seeking a loyal and loving friend.  


BUTTERCUP - The Charming Parti

Say Hello to Buttercup, the cute little red and white Parti who is as sweet as her name suggests.This charming girl with her adorable markings is sure to capture your heart.  Prepare for cuddles and joy with buttercup by your side. 


LUPINE -  The Trail Blazer

Meet Lupine, the first born of Poppy's floral family and the trailblazer of new beginnings.  Lupine, soon to be lovingly called Dutchy, is the first chosen one, set to embark on an exciting journey with his forever family.  With a name as unique as his spirit, Dutchy is destined to enjoy pup cups from Dutch Bros and create heartwarming memories in the scenic American Valley.  Get ready for a lifetime of adventures and joy with Lupine, the pioneer of your hearts! 



VERBENA - The Cuddly Serenade

Introducing Verbena, a vision of silky, wavy curls that echo the gentle melodies of her name.  This little enchantress loves to cuddle, wrapping you in the warmth of her silky embrace.  With a  heart full of affection, Verbena is not just a puppy; she's a serenade of love.  Get ready for harmonious moments and sweet kisses from this delightful companion.  


BUCKWHEAT - The Little Charmer

Meet Buckwheat, adorned with the softest curls that invite gentle melodies of his name.  His sweet and charming disposition is a testament to the warmth he carries within.  Buckwheat is a curious explorer, ready to embark on adventures with you.  With a  warm heart full of love, this little charmer is not just a pet; he's a companion for life.  Get ready to be captivated by the irresistible allure of Buckwheat's curls and his boundless affection.  


YARROW - The Adorable Blossom

Introducing Yarrow, a chubby delight with a vibrant red and white coat that resembles a blooming flower.  This adorable girl is more than just a pup; she's a charming blossom ready to bring joy into your home.  Yarrow is the epitome of cutness, and her loving nature will surely brighten your days.  Get ready for cuddles, playfulness, and a lifetime of happiness with this precious, chubby darling.  



Aster - The Cotton -Soft  Charmer

Meet aster, a delightful boy with a mostly pure white coat adorned with unique Merle markings, making him as unique as the night  sky.  His fur is as soft as cottom balls, inviting endless snuggles and caresses.   Aster, a chubby charmer, loves to run and play, yet he has a heart that finds pure bliss when nestled in your lap or arms for hours.  Get ready for the perfect blend of energy and affection with Aster, the cotton soft charmer who will fill your days with joy.  


BLUEBELL - The Shinning Star

Beautiful Bluebell is preparing to embark on a new adventure, soon to be welcomed into the loving home of her forever family in Shingle Springs.  With a doggie sister and two human boys, Bluebell is destined to become the shining star of her new abode.  Embracing the name Willow, she's a perfect fit for the grace and charm she brings.  Willow is not just a pup, she's a blossoming companion ready to fill hearts with love and joy in her new home.  



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